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The Urology Center of Colorado Holds Free Men’s Health Screening as Part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

On Saturday, September 22 The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC) held a free men’s health screening for the local community as part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. More than 165 men were screened for various conditions during the event.

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American men, with more than 218,000 new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2007. In Colorado, 3,160 prostate cancer cases will be diagnosed this year. However, thanks to early detection and advancements in treatment therapies, mortality rates for the disease are declining.

In order to provide men with a comprehensive screening for conditions that may lead to a prostate cancer diagnosis, the TUCC screening was not limited to PSA or Digital Rectal Exams (DRE). On September 22, men particpating in the screening were screened for 12 different conditions including: prostate cancer screening, testicular cancer screening, bladder cancer screening (men with a history of smoking and/or exposure to chemicals), smoke cessation information (the leading cause of bladder cancer), cholesterol screening, erectile dysfunction screening, low testosterone screening, blood pressure check, BMI and fitness evaluation, osteoporosis screening (men over 70 years of age, smokers and/or men with a history of fractures), diabetes screening and colon cancer screening.

“We were incredibly excited to offer a comprehensive men’s health screening for the first time in our new facility this year,” said Martha Ruschival, RN, nurse educator at TUCC. “By taking proactive steps to improve their health, men can prevent or improve the diagnosis of many serious medical conditions.”

Annual PSA and DREs are the best prevention against prostate cancer. All men should undergo annual prostate cancer screenings beginning at age 50. High-risk men such as African Americans or men with a positive family history should begin these screenings at age 40. When caught at the earliest stage, prostate cancer has cure rates upwards of 94 percent.

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