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Yes, there is a correlation between summertime and emergency room visits due to kidney stone pain. This is because the summer brings

Dr. Jones is a urologist revolutionizing prostate cancer treatment in the Colorado and Rocky Mountain Region through single port surgery. With no

Kidney stone disease ranks among the prevalent issues affecting the urinary system, and there has been a consistent rise in the number

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about kidney stones, including what they are, how they form, and

10% of Americans are expected to experience a kidney stone at some point in their life. The occurrence of kidney stones is

Anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone will tell you it was probably the worst pain they ever felt. The last

The first time it happened you were sure it was just a fluke. When it happened again with a sudden sneeze, you

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, can affect any part of your urinary system. Although it can happen to anyone no matter

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