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Our Vision

To provide the best urology experience and create an environment where colleagues thrive.

Our Mission

Urology care, education and wellness from a team of caring physicians and professionals.

TUCC is well known throughout the country for our commitment to excellence in urology.

TUCC - Colorado Springs


We are pleased to announce Dr. Benjamin Coons, Dr. Catherine Harris, and Dr. James Thomasch, established urologists in Colorado Springs, have joined The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC). TUCC is the largest, most comprehensive urology center in the Rocky Mountain region. Together, we bring expertise, dedication, and compassion to achieve optimal outcomes in men’s and women’s urology.

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Our Comprehensive Treatment Program

Our team of 20 physicians is among the most experienced group of urologists and radiation oncologists in the country. All outpatient urologic procedures are performed at TUCC, which was designed with your comfort in mind. CT scans at TUCC are performed by highly trained technologists who are supervised by experienced radiologists. The staff are well acquainted with modern techniques to minimize radiation exposure during scanning. TUCC imaging staff adhere to the ALARA concept: the radiation dose should be As Low As Reasonably Achievable to obtain high-quality diagnostic images.

Comprehensive Radiation Therapy

TUCC is one of the only centers in the U.S. to offer on site, comprehensive radiation therapy for urologic cancers. Our radiation oncologist, Thomas Pugh, M.D. is board certified in radiation oncology. He is the only radiation oncologist in Colorado whose practice is devoted solely to the delivery of radiation therapy for the treatment of urologic cancers. TUCC is now treating our radiation oncology patients on the Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator. Versa HD safely delivers radiation beams through conventional techniques, including intensity modulated radiation therapy and image-guided radiation therapy, as well as more advanced volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). Versa HD is specially designed to visualize and track the target cancer site and surrounding critical structures, which helps minimizes the risk of side effects. The system allows TUCC to deliver the most advanced radiation therapy techniques while setting the standard in patient safety.

Types of Radiation Therapy

Robotic Surgery Expertise

TUCC performs more robotic surgeries for urologic conditions than any other medical group in the region. Minimally invasive da Vinci® robotic surgical procedures are important treatment options for most urologic conditions and cancers. TUCC surgeons lead the region in performing prostate and urologic robotic surgery, having performed more than 3,000 of these procedures since 2006.

Conditions We Treat With the DaVinci Robot

  • Robotic prostatectomies for prostate cancer
  • Partial nephrectomies for kidney cancer and benign kidney conditions
  • Radical nephrectomies for kidney cancer
  • Pyeloplasties for UPJ (ureteropelvic junction) obstruction
  • Radical cystectomies for bladder cancer
  • Sacrocolpopexy (repair of vaginal prolapse)
  • Ureteral repairs for ureteral strictures and injuries
  • Robotic simple prostatectomies for non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate (BPH)

The da Vinci system includes a robot and a surgeon console. The robot’s four arms are positioned over the patient during surgery. Small robotic instruments move inside the patient’s body to perform delicate surgical maneuvers. The surgeon console is a separate unit that controls the movements of the robot inside the body and gives surgeons a magnified, high-definition and 3-D view of the surgical site. By utilizing robotic technology, a surgeon’s hand movements are motion scaled and any hand tremor is filtered resulting in perfectly translated, precise movements of the instruments. At all times, the surgeon is in complete control of the robotic instrument’s movements.

Why should you choose TUCC for your robotic surgery?

  • TUCC surgeons perform more robotic urologic surgical procedures than any other group in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Dr. Jones performs the most robotic kidney surgeries in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • In 2011, Dr. Hsu performed the first robotic-assisted laparoscopic simple prostatectomy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in Colorado and the first robotic-assisted laparoscopic vesicovaginal fistula repair in Denver.
  • In 2010, TUCC surgeons were the first robotic surgeons to perform a robotic radical cystectomy for bladder cancer in Denver.
  • In 2003, TUCC surgeons were among the first to begin performing robotic prostatectomies in the Rocky Mountain region and maintain the largest volume of surgeries for this type of robotic surgery.

If you are considering open or robotic urologic surgery with your regular urologist, for your piece of mind, get a second opinion from the most experienced team in the region.

We’re here to help.

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