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TUCC Named to the Society of Urologic Oncology Clinical Trials Consortium

February 26, 2009

The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC) has been awarded acceptance into the Society of Urologic Oncology Clinical Trials Consortium (SUO-CTC). The SUO-CTC is a national alliance of leading academic and community based urologic oncologists committed to furthering urologic research.

The SUO-CTC pursues clinical trials in concert with the pharmaceutical
industry to find medicines and treatments to tackle urological disorders including bladder cancer, prostate cancer and renal cancer. TUCC is one of only 11 large urology groups in the country to be accepted into the SUO-CTC.

The TUCC clinical research department actively initiates and participates in local and national clinical trials focused on advancing the treatment of bladder cancer, prostate cancer, renal cancer, testicular cancer and other urologic conditions.

For more information, please call 303.825.TUCC (8822) or visit