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TUCC Launches COREWAVE™ Therapy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC) now offers COREWAVETMTherapy treatment for men with erectile dysfunction in the Denver region.

TUCC is the only urology practice licensed to provide COREWAVETMin the region. COREWAVETMis a safe and painless option that is administered by a physician or trained healthcare provider. The treatment utilizes sound wave energy that within a specialized treatment protocol induces a vascular response. Unlike other soundwave therapies, COREWAVETMis typically painless and without bruising. The treatment can be done in less than an hour at a urologists office.

COREWAVETMTherapy is the only wave therapy that is 100% overseen by urologists or sexual medicine specialists, which leads to better outcomes. 

“Low intensity soundwave therapy (which COREWAVETMutilizes) has significant clinical studies showing efficacy for certain types of erectile dysfunction,” says Dr. Stephen Ruyle, Urologist at TUCC. “In addition to the positive results, testimonials have revealed that the treatments offer less bruising and are virtually pain free, which is a major benefit over some other therapies.”

Dr. Juan Montoya, President of TUCC and the second Urologist providing COREWAVETM Therapy at TUCC notes, “another benefit for patients of COREWAVETM is that it is only offered through urologists or sexual medicine specialists. When TUCC physicians evaluate a patient for this treatment, we will not only fully disclose if there is a benefit for the patient, but we also evaluate the overall urologic health of the individual, which may include risk and evaluation of prostate cancer and more.” For more information on COREWAVETM Therapy at The Urology Center of Colorado, please visit

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