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Porter Adventist Hospital Launches Robotics Institute – TUCC Serves as Urologic Physician Partner

Robotic surgery, once the stuff of science fiction, has for some years been recognized as an important advance in surgical technique and patient experience. Now, at Porter Adventist Hospital, a comprehensive team of surgeons and staff are helping to bring in a new era in robotic surgery.

The newly-formed Porter Robotics Institute (PRI) brings together a group of highly-skilled and experienced surgeons from several specialties to give more surgical choice to patients throughout the region.

“At the Porter Robotics Institute, we offer a unique experience,” said Dr. Marklyn Jones, medical director of the institute. “We hope to bring a robotic Center of Excellence to the Rocky Mountain region, where our patients will have not only the best surgeons available in the region, but also the best system.”

The advantages of robotic surgery for both the patient and the surgeon are well known. More precise and less strenuous movements, combined with 3-D capabilities, make the procedure easier for the surgeon and improve clinical outcomes. With smaller incisions, the patient experiences less blood loss, less pain, less risk of infection and vastly shorter recovery time. For example, someone who donates a kidney typically spends about two days in the hospital after the surgery.

While robotic procedures have been done at Porter for several years, serving patients through the institute will be advantageous in several ways. Bringing physicians together from the disciplines of urology, gynecology, general surgery and otolaryngology (ENT) means that doctors and staff can work more closely together, sharing their expertise to focus on patient experience, quality and outcomes. Future plans for the institute include training and research components.

As part of the Centura Health Centers for Clinical Innovation, the Porter Robotics Institute has the latest in technology with the DaVinci® Si Surgical System, as well as nationally renowned surgeons who are among the most experienced in the country in performing robotic procedures.

Selected procedures and conditions treated with robotic surgery at PRI:

  • Prostatectomy
  • Cancer surgery for prostate, bladder, kidney and gastric
  • Urologic conditions
  • Gynecologic conditions including uterine fibroids, endometriosis and prolapse
  • Thyroid and parathyroid surgery or removal
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Hernia
  • Pancreatic, adrenal and colorectal tumors and conditions

How the DaVinci® Surgical Systems Work in the Operating Room:
A surgical robot is actually a collection of wristed “servant” tools called manipulators, which receive digital instructions from an interfaced computer. The surgeon, seated at an ergonomically designed video console with a 3-D display, gives digital instructions by controlling sophisticated hand grips – essentially, joysticks with seven degrees of freedom, adding the pitch, the yaw, and a pincer-like movement. The manipulators placed inside the patient’s body duplicate the surgeon’s hand movements at the console, and software filters out even physiologic hand tremors, while a camera inside the patient’s body allows a precise look at every detail.

For more information about the Porter Robotics Institute, please visit the website at

About Porter Adventist Hospital:
Porter Adventist Hospital is a full service, Nursing Magnet® designated, 368-bed acute-care referral center for complex medicine and surgery patients. In addition to being ranked No. 1 for 2010 in overall cardiac care in Colorado by a national hospital reporting company, Porter specializes in cancer care, joint replacement, spinal care and organ transplantation. Porter is sponsored by Adventist Health System and is part of Centura Health, Colorado’s largest hospital and health care network delivering advanced care to more than half a million people each year, across 13 hospitals, seven senior living communities, medical clinics, affiliated partner hospitals, Flight for Life® Colorado, and home care and hospice services. Porter’s and Centura’s strength lies in the ability to offer a team of connected networks and shared resources to deliver accessible, reliable and cost-effective health care across the state. For more information about Porter Adventist Hospital, visit

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