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Dr. Mark Moyad Returns, via Zoom, to TUCC

The Year in Medicine/Research from A-to-Z:
What was new or old and hot or cold?!

Join us on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 from 6:00-8:00 pm MT

Some of the areas Dr. Moyad will discuss are:

Acupuncture -Adult vaccinations & the latest research -Alcohol news -Aspirin

-Breast cancer research lessons

-Calcium/Vitamin D recommendations -Cannabis/CBD -Cholesterol

-COVID the latest, greatest, and not so great

-Exercise clinical studies (resistance, aerobic, flexibility) & cancer

-Fad diets/Fasting -Fiber confusion & the solution -Fish oil and omega-3s

-Hot flashes and what is new

-Kidney stones & over the counter pills

-Multivitamins and Supplements

-Prostate pills everywhere

-Weight loss treatments and MUCH MUCH MORE…


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