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SCRIPT – 12/5/18

UPDATE ON OUR SITUATION – 12/5/18 (Script – can be shared with patients and callers, please keep to the script)

The situation we have been experiencing is an operational problem caused by malware to our network. We have several internal and external vendors investigating the problem. For the security of the center and patient information we have locked down our systems. We anticipate our systems being backup next week.

As this time we do not know if information has been compromised but at this time we do not believe it has. We are writing down all patient information when they call for appointments and will call them back when we are able. We will be returning calls that are clinical in nature.

Script addition – 12/7/18

We appreciate your patience through this process and we understand this is very frustrating for you. Please tell me how soon you need to be scheduled (2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.) and what your preferred day and time is. We will call you back as soon as we can to get you scheduled and will do our best to accommodate that time.

Internal Update Notes (Confidential)

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Ops Notes

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