Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Social Responsibility means that as an organization you voluntarily take an active role in bettering your community. From serving on community boards and volunteering locally to raising social awareness, TUCC Foundation appreciate companies investing in our community and understands the positive implications of doing so.

  • “Good is the New Black:” Cause is Here to Stay – 83 percent of American say that companies have a responsibility to help support causes (Cone 2007, Cause Evolution Survey).
  • 72 percent of Americans want their employees to do more to support a cause or social issue (Cone 2007, Cause Evolution Survey).

TUCC Foundation recognizes the benefits corporations gain from supporting organizations and programs aligned with customer demographics. We can help:

  • Provide corporations the opportunity to strategically connect with their communities.
  • Establish a social identity.
  • Create strong and positive associations between the company and its constituents.
  • Implement employee-volunteer programs that may improve morale and retention.
  • Provide corporations with an opportunity to reach thousands of Coloradans through sponsorships of our annual Blue Shoe Run for Prostate Cancer, Men's Health Dinner, Dr. Mark Moyad's Annual Update on Nutrition and Supplements and other community health screenings/educational events.

Please contact Martha Ruschival at 303.762.7160 or to learn more.