Planned and Deferred Gifts

Planned giving is a form of donating to TUCC Foundation that personally benefits you and your family. It also ensures that TUCC Foundation will have the resources necessary to continue its commitment to communities in the Rocky Mountain region. Please speak with your attorney to help you plan your gift to TUCC Foundation and ensure it suits the needs of your family.

Operating expenses for TUCC Foundation are currently paid by The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC). This allows 100 percent of all funds donated to be applied directly to funding advocacy, education, research and support through our five programs. We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility, thereby ensuring that your support of our efforts is an investment that will help others.


Donations of Securities

Appreciated securities can be gifted to TUCC Foundation. This form of contribution often provides the donor with a tax deduction on the current value of the securities without any capital gain implications. Please contact your financial advisor or broker for guidance.