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Comprehensive Treatment Programs

TUCC is well known throughout the country for our commitment to one mission - excellence in urology. This mission extends to our use of the latest diagnostic tools to identify urologic conditions, the development of comprehensive treatment programs for such conditions as prostate cancer, male sexual dysfunction, vaginal vault prolapse/female urinary incontinence, kidney stones and the compassionate care we deliver to our patients every day.

All outpatient urologic procedures are performed at TUCC, which was designed with your comfort in mind. Our team of 17 physicians is among the most experienced group of urologists and radiation oncologists in the country.

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What Makes Us Different

Prostate cancer, male sexual dysfunction, female urology and kidney stones treatment are some of the conditions for which Denver-based TUCC provides compassionate care. TUCC is the only comprehensive urology center in the Rocky Mountain region, providing treatment for all urologic conditions.
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TUCC Physicians

TUCC physicians are among the most experienced urologists and radiation oncologists in the country. Our physicians are actively involved in clinical research trials and national urology presentations.
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Our Staff

TUCC staff members are among the most highly trained in the field of urology and are here to assist you with your medical treatment.
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TUCC offers a variety of career opportunities in our state-of-the-art center.
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Surgery Center

TUCC provides surgical treatment in an outpatient setting for a variety of urologic conditions including kidney stone surgery and vasectomy reversals. TUCC patients can be seen in our Surgery Center in comfortable patient suites before checking in for their procedure at USCC.
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