Foundation Programs

TUCC Foundation supports and contributes in the following five overarching areas:

  • COLLABORATION: TUCC Foundation fosters collaborative relationships among community clinics, educational support groups and social services agencies to provide assistance to those who would not otherwise receive necessary urologic care.
  • FAMILY: TUCC Foundation supports TUCC employees through personal hardship.
  • COMMUNITY: TUCC Foundation contributes to the needs of our local community.
  • EDUCATION: TUCC Foundation develops comprehensive educational initiatives to raise awareness of urologic conditions, support urology-based research and provide assistance to those entering the health care field.
  • RESEARCH: TUCC Foundation makes contributions to medical and urologic specific research that improves urologic cancer and non-cancer diagnoses, standards of care and treatments.

TUCC Foundation recently issued a $30,000 donation to the American Cancer Society. This donation will help fund a research grant studying metastatic prostate cancer at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We have donated nearly $100,000 to this grant over the past five years.