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What to Expect

What to expect from TUCC during your first appointment, follow-up appointments and emergency situations.
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Insurance Information

TUCC is contracted with all major insurance companies. All co-pays and deductibles are due at the time care is delivered. Patients are not billed for any amounts until contracted insurance has paid or denied our claims.
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Clinical Partners

TUCC partners with several medical companies that work with our physicians and staff to help improve a patient's recovery following surgery or other treatments.
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Patient Navigator

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. In order to better assist our urologic cancer patients, TUCC is pleased to offer the services of an American Cancer Society certified patient navigator.
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Patient Support Groups

TUCC hosts three different monthly patient support groups - bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer.
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Local Accommodations and Attractions

TUCC is pleased to help connect our patients and their families to transportation, lodging, recreation and entertainment options in Denver.
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Useful Links

Online urologic resources for TUCC patients, family members and referring physicians.
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"Dr. Jesse Mills is such a blessing to my husband and I. After meeting with our primary care dr., the urologist and the endocrinologist associated with our insurance we had almost given up hope that my husband would ever feel normal again. We received a referral to Dr. Mills through Baylor University and a contact we had there. Oh my gosh, the minute we met Dr. Mills we knew he GOT IT. My husband has not only totally regained the normal testosterone levels he feels like a new man thanks to Dr. Mills. I have already sent my dad and several other men to The Urology Center of Colorado."